QE Institute on the Future of the Automobile Industry: AI in the Auto Indu­stry

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Join us at the inaugural Quinn Emanuel Institute on the Future of the Automobile Industry event in Stuttgart on 14 October, 2019.

Our event focuses on regulatory developments, liability, and safety innovation regarding auto driving and AI. Taking place in the heartland of the German car industry and hosted by the world’s largest international law firm focusing solely on litigation and arbitration, this is a unique opportunity for you to hear from the “front lines” of litigation and regulation in the AV sector, including the US perspective.  

Speakers include Quinn Emanuel founding partner John B. Quinn, Dr. Mark Rosekind of AI startup ZOOX, Inc., and Quinn Emanuel partner Jordan Jaffe. There will also be Q&A sessions to allow you to ask questions of the panel on their recent experiences and current issues affecting AV startups and automotive OEMs. You will also have the opportunity to hear the experiences of some of the people at the forefront of driverless car regulation in the USA, from both the federal government and startup perspectives. There will be opportunities for networking and the event will end with a Cocktail Reception.
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